Barcelona add-ons for Kids (8-12 y.o.)

Add-on: Barcelona Activity Book + Art & Play Accessories + Backpack Reviews

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More kids in your family? Get additional set of Activity Books with the Art & Play Accessories and the Backpack for them! This way they can fill out their own book and keep their own personal memory from your trip. Everything they will need to complete their Books is included in the add-on.

This add-on includes everything to explore Barcelona for one kid:

  • 1 Kids's Activity Book
  • 12+ items Art & Play Accessories (scissors, pencils, stickers, glue stick, crayons...)
  • 1 Simple Backpack

Please note, this is just an add-on to the Barcelona Family KitYou can purchase this together with the Barcelona Family Kit if you have more kids coming with you to Barcelona.

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