Family Kits make cities fun and interesting!
How to use the Kit?

1. Adults follow their Guidebook.

The Adult Guidebook takes your family through the city by 3 self-guided tours. Is't a perfectly sufficient guidebook with maps, practical information and interesting facts about the sights. Moreover, it has a touch of family-friendly eating places, playgrounds and parks.

2. Kids follow their Activity Book.

Kids follow the exact same tours in their Activity Books! But in addition to that, kids need to look for clues along the way. They read stories and legends and complete different games and puzzles. Adults can help them and play along with them. The Activity Book also keeps them busy and happy during your stops in restaurants


3. Everybody creates great memories. 

Thanks to all the hands on tasks in the Activity book, kids will remember each day. They love to show others where they've been and what they've learnt. Some kids take their Activity Book to school to give a speech in their class, others just really want the grandparents to see it. The Activity Book becomes their very own diary from your trip! 


What's in the City Family Kit?
1. Adult Guidebook + e-book (perfectly sufficient guidebook for the city)
2. Kid's Activity Book + e-book (comes in 3 age variants: 4-7 y.o., 8-11 y.o. and teens)
3. Art & Play Accessories (12+ items the kids need to fill in their Activity Book)
4. Simple Backpack (handy to carry all the treasures around)
Choose Your Destination
What is inside the books?

All you need to know for 3 full days of exploring the city.

  • 3 Self-guided tours + Bonus tours
  • 20+ top sights + hidden gems
  • 17+ fun adventures along the way
  • Family-friendly stops and places to eat
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Rainy days options


What about delivery?

Leaving soon to your destination?

Have your City Family Kits delivered to your hotel or apartment! This way they will be waiting there for you upon your arrival.

Prefer home delivery?

No problem! We'll send your City Family Kits to you anywhere in the world! 



Add-ons to the full set Kit?

More kids in your family? Great! We thought of you and created add-ons to the City Family Kit. This way you can order one full set of the City Family Kit and add more Activity Books so that every kid has a copy of their own.



Any questions about the Kit?

I'm here for you at to answer any of your questions!